My contemporary terrorist thriller, The Point of a Gun, is being published by Edition Barenklau in English this Spring and in German before Christmas.

The novel takes place in an America of the near future. An America where jihadist, white supremacist, and Mexican cartel domestic terrorist attacks are being executed at an increasing rate. A group of domestic Vigilantes emerges and starts killing terrorists at the scene of their attacks. Suspecting that the vigilantes are led by senior U.S. Counter-terrorism officials, the President creates a senior government task force and hires a special investigator to discover their identities.

The story careens between the escalating attacks by both the terrorists and the vigilantes, and the task force’s efforts circling ever closer to finding the identities of the senior U.S. officials. How can the government conceal the vigilante activity from the public, and what will the President do with the vigilantes once he and his special investigator know who they are?

Stay tuned.

Award winning author of contemporary terrorist thriller, mystery, and western novels. Former Berkeley Economics Professor and retired Wall Street Investment Banking Executive.

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